Welcome to the Totally Remodeled Dustbunny Ranch Blog

April 7, 2010

My husband and I purchased a 1957 ranch home overlooking the heart of Silicon Valley.  We intended on building/remodeling from the get-go, but due to the stock market melt-down, our get-go went.

This past January 2nd, we looked at each other over breakfast and asked: “Well we going to do something with this house, or not?”  Over the past year, the soil our house sits on has been slowly moving and it seems as though every day we find one new crack in the drywall that wasn’t there the day before.  We each had been thinking of the remodel and it seemed like the time to move on it (again).

The planets must have been aligned, because shortly thereafter the architect who worked with us on our aborted project contacted us to see if we were interested in restarting the old project.  Instead of a restart, we decided on a reset and changed from a totally new house, to a total interior gut and remodel.  This was to streamline the city’s approval process.